Old Oakbones



Old Oakbones is a somewhat human-adapted troll that lives down in the valley below Fairhill, in a large, crude hut constructed from a jumble of fallen trees plastered with mud and leaves. Though feared by children and newcomers, he has been around as long as anyone remembers, and the locals know he keeps the valley free of bandits and other nuisances. For the most part, he doesn’t bother with the villagers, even letting certain trusted individuals hunt in his territory.

He has a special bond with Henrietta Storfle, who, over the years, built up his trust by leaving offerings at the edge of his territory. She leaves him a few fresh kills when the hunting is good, and will occasionally leave candies or glass trinkets, which Oakbones hangs about the entrance to his lair. A few years back Henrietta slid down a crevasse and broke her leg, and would have perished had he not come and carried her back to the village. On feast days, and usually after a few drinks, she and Unther and some of the other more daring villagers will haul a barrel of ale out past the edge of town and lure the old troll up out of the valley, watching him drink it from a safe distance. The older townspeople tell tales about Oakbones defending the village from danger in times past, and know that if danger comes again, Oakbones will be there for them.

Old Oakbones

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